Monday, March 5, 2012

Is this wierd?

I love music... I play drums and guitar and piano...but that's not the wierd part I'm referring too.. Is it wierd that out of all the bands that could be my favorite, Green Day is? Is that wierd? I mean.. I listen to everything there is to listen to. I'm listening to music for at the very least 5 hours a day. From soft rock to metal to blues to rap to pop, or "indie" even. I listen to everything. But only one band I've listened to constantly my entire life, and that so happens to be the punk trio of tre cool, mike dirnt, and Billie Joe Armstrong. I blame my older brother. When I was in preschool, he was in highschool blareing Green Day CD's.. What can I say, I guess I love them so much because I grew up with them.
Rantology ~(rant-ol-o-gi)~
-The purpose of this very blog.To rant about things I love, things I hate, things that are just on my mind. Anything. Yes, it will be random, but no, I don't care what you think about it. If you love what I'm writing? Awesome. If you hate it? Awesome. Either way, it doesn't matter to me in the slightest. This is just to clear my mind,in hopes that my train of thought will stop derailing...Enjoy my thoughts, my opinions, and my passions.
-A word a sixteen year old girl just coined to make herself sound witty...